Offline Festival: Officially Launched!

Some of you will have heard our very exciting news, and now we can finally announce it officially.. On 15th to 17th September we are taking our online network and going Offline for a weekend of connections, collaboration and creativity.

Offline Festival is an ‘unconference’ in the countryside.

A collaborative weekend of inspiring speakers, hands on workshops and insightful experiences where connections are sparked, inspiration overflows and ideas come to play.

We want to harness the knowledge and brilliance of our network. The power you guys have to positively transform your community never fails to inspire us, and we want to help accelerate your impact even further.

Early Bird Tickets are now launched!

There are a limited number of Early Bird Tickets and as our core network, we really want our Project Dirt network to benefit from the discounted price. Please jump on the opportunity or get in touch with questions.

Positive Change through Community Business

This is a fun-filled event with a serious focus.

Designed to help elevate your Community Business or Community Project to the next level, you should come if you want to:

  • Engage in skills-based learning
  • Dive into business development workshops
  • Listen to social entrepreneurs share inspirational stories
  • Learn to make your project financially sustainable
  • Get creative and spark ideas!

This will all be wrapped up in a joyful weekend of campfires, storytelling, yoga, music, communal meals, connecting with like-minded souls… and an all-round sense of community.

This is a fully collaborative event – we’re shaping and building this together. We want to hear your ideas and want you to  get involved!

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