Offline Video Competition Winners!

We asked our community projects, from all around the UK, to send in some video footage of the amazing work they do to highlight the power of community business.

The incentive?
To win two free tickets to Offline Festival in Buckinghamshire on 15th-17th September 2017!

We received some great images and videos showcasing the brilliant work you do and how that impacts your community! You made us smile and feel full of love for you lovely lot and the amazing work you do!

Alas, with limited tickets there could only be one winner….after much deliberation we have our winning project….drum roll please!

Huge congratulations to Camden Green Gym!! You are now the proud winners of two free tickets to Offline Festival 2017 and we can’t wait to see you there!

You’ll be joining us for a weekend of incredible speakers, business skill-building, hands-on workshops, campfire chats, yoga, music and an all-round sense of community.

You will be part of the most active and engaged Community Businesses and individuals to explore and celebrate positive impact in their communities.

We loved watching the videos you sent us and seeing the faces behind this amazing initiative that promotes health, exercise, community give back all in the great outdoors!

Are you feeling like you don’t want to miss out?
You can still join us at Offline Festival! Grab your Early Bird tickets now, before they fly away!

Keep up the great work! See you at the campfire!
To catch one of these volunteering opportunities check out these upcoming dates!

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