10 benefits of attending Offline!

With just under one month to go until Offline Festival, we wanted to share the highlights you lucky festival goers can expect!

1 – You’ll need a new address book…
This is your chance to meet a network of like-minded people who all share your passion for community and community business! Start mingling at our welcome drinks at 6:30pm on the Friday 15th, discuss the big topics at ethical speed dating, join evening campfire gatherings, dance it off with Nest Collective and stamp those feet at our ceilidh.

2 – Restore and Revive
Whether you’re looking to revive solo, as a group of friends or within your work team we have just the thing! You will come away from Offline feeling refreshed, re-energised and re-inspired! Don’t miss Niki Taigel’s tips on how to be your own best boss and Pippa Evans‘s, improv your life. Dip in and out of our daily yoga sessions and try out some laughter therapy!

3 – Step out and into the world’s best classroom…
We all know the benefits of being outdoors; that fresh air, the calming green scenery. Let’s engage, learn and inspire outdoors, in the world’s best classroom! We’ll have outdoor activities by Sylvan Adventures throughout the weekend, escapes to the Woodland Retreat, and a panel discussion dedicated to The Power of the Outdoors followed by playful outdoor games for the whole festival. And breathe….

4 – Hear fantastic stories
This is a weekend of story telling! There are so many fantastic projects, groups, organisations and community businesses doing incredibly impactful work out there, giving back to our communities – let’s hear them!

5 –We’ve all got a story, what’s yours?
We want to hear your story too! Want to build confidence to share your story with everyone from funders to volunteers? The Eden Project Communities are hosting a yurt during Offline Festival with three story telling workshops!

6 – Money talks
From funding strategies to ‘making your money and keeping your morals’, we’ll explore what the best route of funding is for you and your organisation or business with panellists Philip Geraghty from Crowdfunder and Mark Gordon from Power to Change.  We’ll talk about how to achieve your vision without compromising your values.

7 – Pens at the ready!
Have an idea for a community business, but not sure where to start? How about starting with that business plan! Ethical business coach Jen Gale will guide start-ups and innovators on how to write a business plan that you will become the beating heart of your idea!

8 – Get your hands dirty
Roll up those sleeves and get building a cob wall with Larch Maxey of Bright Green Futures, join a workshop with Maria Fernandez who will be showing you how to make your own tiny garden using sustainable recycled materials, or get whittling some wood with Sylvan Adventures!

9 – Break bread together
As well as story telling workshops, The Eden Project Communities are hosting their infamous Big Lunch on Sunday. It will be a wonderful way to round up the weekend, have those final chats and make connections before we head off our separate ways… until next time of course!

10 – Come together, right now
The cherry on the Offline cake? Our online community, coming together Offline. This is our chance to get together and make those moments we spend behind our screens, on our allotments, in our workshops truly count! Let’s share ideas, connect, learn, ignite and play!

We’re proud to share the full agenda with you! 

Offline Festival will be held on 15 – 17 September

Limited Tier 1 tickets are out now so get your NOW! 


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